Saturday, 22 May 2010

betty : improved.. but fail

hola Betty suarez!

apparently betty dpt make over utk season 3! kekdahnye last season Betty naik pangkat, so some bitches at ABC thought that she needed an upgrade on her 
breast look.

of course America is a beauty. but Betty needs to remain Ugly.

i dont know about this. this is a drastic move, even for Betty. klau ikutkan, Betty yg original jadi cantek bila dekat2 nak tamat citer tu kan? adakah ugly betty akan tamat season 3?! makne nye mak x boleh ketawa next year?

eddy ezally didn't approve this look. try again ABC!

cetusan otak beku

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i believe

it was yesterday, i talked crap...again...
ohh, why can't i get this over with?!!

i laughed it off during lunch...

and everytime, with different people, i will get different perspectives...

yet, stubborn me never listens..

i ended up following - whatever makes me happy~~~lalalalalala...

obviously, my brain and my heart are not aligned...need to have a reality check every now and then...

i keep changing my mind...but, i act nonchalantly...

i am complex...Allah understands me...and He, the Only One who knows...
ifs are of no concern...since He wills everything..

i still believe...that's what matters...

my problem should not be a problem...i created them to pass time...huuuuu...
that's how i gotten myself into unnecessary misery...

i like a saying from a friend:
kalu ikutkan, semua orang ade problem...tapi, janganlah menyusahkan orang...

luckily, i think most of my problems only trouble me...dear friends will keep on listening - thank you :) but, at the end of the day, i need to rescue myself...this is my beautiful life...

i listens well too...and so, i realized how ungrateful and selfish i am all this while...i fail to see the great many things i possess...

it is true then - Allah is the Most Fair...

nobody's perfect - in certain aspects, you might be OK...accordingly, there will be lackings in other aspects too...

living life is indeed a test...He'll examine in the Hereafter...subhanallah...

lately, i keep on reminding myself of death - this will ensure we behave humbly...insyaAllah...
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Friday, 21 May 2010

i shine...ya Allah, thank you...

rabbighfirlii (Tuhanku, ampuni aku)
warhamnii (sayangi aku)
wajburrnii (tutuplah aib-aibku)
warfaa'nii (angkatlah darjatku)
warzuqnii (berilah aku rezeki)
wahdinii (berilah aku petunjuk)
wa'aafinii (sihatkanlah aku)
wa'fu'annii (ampuni aku)

it's been awhile...i'm adjusting to my hardworking self...i've been caught up with soooo many things...some at my best and some at my worst..restless...ohh my...

am discovering a new me too...actually, not new...i'm living it for sooo long - it has become chronic...haha...

close friends 'see' me...yeay...yeay...thanks honeykins - you know who you are *wink*wink*

am i rational?!! now, mood is sunny...i always believe people can read emotions...interpretation-wise will be different...should i care?!! NO...

but, i care...haa...sooo soooo weakness yet to be resolved...

i've figure out too that my weakness is i let myself think i have weaknesses...instead of other merry merry things that i should be grateful for...

i shine...ya Allah, thank you...

i never unlove and i never love enough...a lover i am...ohh... i love...i love...

i'm hiding under a strong shell...this shell shields me...

the tender, fragile, innocent me...
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Thursday, 20 May 2010


Holidays are being a BORE. I have been saving money so I haven't gone out much (more like at all. lol.)

Last night, i drank kiwi blend which was nice and warming... The side effect to that though, was that i couldn't sleep. Lay in bed with my eyes wide open in the dark, everything was quiet and i suddenly had this terrifying moment where I felt like I was the last existence on earth. Yeah, serious. The silence was too overwhelming. So, i picked up my phone and besically wished a whole bunch of people good night. =D

And it worked! The whole scary, alone-lone-lonely feeling whisked its fat butt away as my phone chimed with every reply. Lotsa people thought i'd gone nuts (quite true la) but i had fun chatting with some of them till I eventually fell asleep. It was a nice feeling. I think i cheered some people up too perhaps. I should do random things lidat more often. Hee.
Good nights for a whole lotta people.
But my good morning was late. *glare*

Last week, i was thinking:

It can be scary sometimes, how a relationship dips and dives and then comes back up again. I mean, its terrifying that in one moment, we could be feeling so comfortable around each other and the next instant, we can't stand to be around the other and the tension is so massive i feel like i'm being sucked into a whole new dimension (
very 'anime-style' figurative speech) :p
I think, finding someone whom you love and actually loves you back is amazing.

Finding someone whom you love and 

loves you back while, suiting your personality, accepting your beliefs, values and ideals is even more incredible.

But in any relationship, i think it hardly ever happens that both parties contribute equal effort towards each other. One will be waiting for the other, sometimes the other has to be more patient. Sometimes a little more giving. Stuff like this does give way to some amount of bitterness and unhappiness...but i still think that when you find your efforts and commitment reciprocated, the moment can be magical. :)

Anyways, I have SOME plans. this coming  Friday i will be having Thai Seafood for dinner! Woots! sis Nongs , my mum frens : I hope we get barbecued crabs. Yeah. Definitely gotta have that. Its LD dinner but im just tagging along. Ahakss.

It must be fun fun fun! I DON'T CARE.

Yeah, I got work today. Ish. Byes.

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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

handphone ku yg ke9 hilang!!

OMG! OMG! damn OMG!!! T_T
i've lost my hand phone. my only hand phone.

Sony Ericsson model G900
it was my 1st using duet ptptn.
da laa baru tuka casing baru.
owh i damn sad bout it. help!
well it all goes when. . .

Tuesday, 18th may 2010, 11:30p.m.
i went to e comm class that day
n as usual i put them in my pocket
then i put it into my bag.
since the class ended early that day
n i was so excited to go to back home
coz it is my last day in uum

bila dalam bas
so i forgot to take care the hand phone
i juz realise its gone already at 13.45 p.m.

bila da nk bersiap balik
gigih n berpeloh mncari sekitar bilik
barang2 yg da packed kene bongkar balik
xpuas lg cari kt kachi mall
xde gak, kate makcik2 kedai
flight plak 14.30 p.m.
lg la tension
cari kt DKG 1/5 , pun xde gak
sampai i sggup byar RM20 tuk kreta prebet sapu
nk cari handphone punye hal
padahal uum-changlun tu RM2 je klu naik bas

tade la nk Facebook via mobile web lpas ni
tade la nk gigih cari2 WiFi hot spot laps ni
tade lg mp3 menemani hari2 yg pnuh kebisingan

tade lg la nk video call dgn atok n mama nk melaporkan xtvt seharian
tade lg la nk syok sndiri snap pic dgn 5.0 megapixel tu

kene la kumpol duet napoknye lpas ni
kene ikat pewot lg
kene kawal nafsu shopping clothes
kene dok umah je, klu klua umah,duet poket pun klua
kene cari side income
side income yg ada mkin slow sbb dh rmai user

huhh! camne laa leh careless sgt nie.
nak nangis je rase. sedih sedih.

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Sunday, 16 May 2010

100th post

Yeap, I've reach my 100th post. Kinda think of it, its been quite a long journey since I ventured into the world of blogging. Kinda think of it, I kinda sucked at blogging, constantly running out of ideas, NO COMMENTS at all sometimes. Oh well, I pretty much sucked a lot anyways.

And to think of it, I've been kinda lonely. Really....

Kinda think of it I have only ONE person to sms. Though thats enough but its ok. Kinda wished there is more people out there who will actually remember I'd existed. 

Kinda think of it. No one actually approaches me while I'm online. No one pops up and says "hi, how're you?" Everytime when I go online, my msn window will like just sit there. Yes, though there are occasionally someone who says "where's owed me" or the msn virus quotes like "hey, this person looks a lot like you!"

The thing is, my msn is not like other people I know. Everytime my brother goes online, there will be like a dozen "godsisters" who will like "hie~" or "hihi".  My cousin brother's too.  Even my sister who has like only 13 people on her msn contacts. They will like "HI"

But thats all different when I go online. When I sign in, after that.....its quiet. Heck, theres like 32 people I know online now not including those whom I do not really know, and yet, I hear nothing but the sound that msn makes when someone signs in, and the sound of me typing.

I'm invisible perhaps.

Even in the blogging world. People say bloggers are very friendly. Well why am I left alone, ignored in the Innit Chatbox? I mean, I go in there and says "hi everyone!" and no one "hi" back. Its like, I wasnt even there..... When I asked: "what are you all talking about" no one bothers to answer..... No one.

Its kinda frustrating actually.

no one will like: "HEY!" Though sometimes there is. But......nevermind, I'm just ranting.....

Tried to talk to God a.k.a Pray.

Total silence....

Whatever.... at least someone is sms-ing me, thats a good sign... just ranting

ignore me

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Friday, 14 May 2010

nothing much has happened to day

got new contact lens.....yay~~~ 

Why sound so gloomy you may ask......dunoo.....

No idea la....when it comes to things like grooming.....or beat....meaning i give up.....

Why?! Face problem ....right eddy?

What to do....that quote from him also says it all already lor.....i buy that....wear this wear use lorh? CAN! do plastic surgey la...right eddy?

Its always been this way

what i do...what i wear
does'nt matter to anyone
I'll still have that same old face that 
people have been criticising for a whole 20 years
that's why I decided to give up

Ok......change topic......

eh eddy...why your blog so EMO wan???

Why ar? Well let me give you this scenario......

Imagine the real eddy in the real world who is always a jolly fellow.....

walking around pulling senseless jokes......

suddenly turns into En. takda smangat........

suddenly the eddy u know doesnt wanna joke.....

instead wanna complain about how life have been so unfair to him.....occasionally nice la! 

wanna spread gloom into your world....

no right?! So?

Be happy la there's always this annoying clown talking so much crap like it never cease.....

imagine la later this crap that has been pouring out from this fella mouth turned in something out of My Chemical Romance sad EMO lyrics la.....

So this blog is like a box la.....

that has a hole in it.....

everytime i pour bad stuff inside.....

it just leaks out.....into oblivion....

wouldnt that be nice compared to filling up you ears with endless gloom....sadness.....

because the truth is...

when u tend to hear eddy in person speaking about EMO things.....

those EMO images of me tend to be stuck in your mind.....

BUT....if I post all the EMO stuff in here.....
chances of anyone reading these stuff and remembering them tend to be very lowww.....right? 

And the chances of anyone who reads this Emo blog bringing up in the real world is also reasonably low......


ok ok...change topic again.....

this week got what plans?? Holiday lahh.......

I can tell you this holiday is sure gonna be tiring for me.....where also wanna go....
cant wait till tuesday....then after those wanna go out lepak.. no study at all!!! And NO CASH!!!! Legendary.....

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

starving n craving

middle of the night....
i wake...
eat food!
glorious food!
thank God i have high metabolisme rate....
i cant get

i live
to eat
food exists for me to eat
i love food

when it comes to food
i believe i'm more of a taster than a filler
which means
i dont easily get filled
because i wanna taste taste taste!
wherever i go to eat
i see what are there to savour...
then i pick
when everyone's ordered
then the food come
i finish it.....

enjoying sensations on my tongue
then i take a look around
hmm...this looks nice
orders some other thing...
finish it
that one looks not bad
the cycle continues till i'm reminded that i have limited resources to print money

u see
its the taste that excites me
filling or not come second
curiosity feeds my sense of taste
the sour-ness....

sweet-ness(starting to sound like rattatouile)
eat eat eat
taste taste taste
anything that might taste good....
i gobble down

i really cant imagine what hell will be like
if i had lost my sense of taste.....seriously...
i'm more of an eater than a cooker....
but i'll cook in desperate need...
or else...
lazy la

that biscuit looks nice

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Monday, 10 May 2010

pissed to the max

All I did was just post a video on the last post
and post the last post on 
and used the chatbox there to like ask people to check the freakish video out

and people start danging me
if u have no idea whats dang
its like a system where where when people
guts post

and all i did
was just happily asked people check the post out
and the world of Innit taught me a valuable lesson
just as when u ask people to check your post
u get hated, instantly
people like start danging you

I'm just trying to gain some "status" in the blogging world here

I'm trying

To express
What I supress

To reveal
What I hide

To show
What I've got in me

No one cares
I'm okay with that

Don't hate me

I've found 
As a world where I can escape to,
From hate,
Hate in the real world

I've failed
Hate still creeps back
Creeps in
Into this very world which I actually felt safe

A sense of security
Is non-existent for me

I thought,
I would be safe
I would be happy

I would be appreciated
I would be able to be me

I'm trying,
to be


emo enough?
at least I'm known for being super emo

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Friday, 7 May 2010

Mencari jodoh

Mencari jodoh mungkin menjadi beban bagi sesetengah orang. Lebih² lagi yang sibuk. Clubbing, gathering, meet up, blind dating dan even menyuruh keluarga sendiri untuk mencarikan jodoh, pelbagai cara dipraktikkan semata² untuk menemukan jodoh.
Zaman yang sibuk ni, siapa yang ada masa untuk semua tu? Masa untuk bersosial dah semakin berkurang, pagi pergi ke kerja, petang balik ke rumah, makan and then tidur. Begitulah seterusnya rutin harian si bujang/single.
Yeah, terima kasih kepada teknologi yang banyak memudahkan, lebih² bagi yang dalam proses mencari jodoh dan cinta.hoho. Bila nak bergosip, bukak Twitter, nak makan, order kat Mangkuk Tingkat, bila nak cari jodoh yang sesuai, search kat Facebook, Myspace (Speeddate?), nak geli², bukak webcam. hoho. Semuanya mudah, yang malas menjadi semakin malas, yang pandai gunakan peluang hasilnya lumayan.
Ah biarkan semua tu, apa yang aku nak highlight kat sini ialah tentang mencari jodoh di internet. Di sebalik cerita kawan² yang bertemu jodoh di internet berjaya membawa ke jinjang pelamin, ramai yang mencuba nasib dan malangnya ramai jugak yang gagal. Kenapa masih ramai orang kita gagal dalam pencarian jodoh di internet? Beberapa kesilapan yang aku nampak :
Diorang tak menjadi diri sendiri. Masing² cuba nak jadi seseorang yang sebenarnya bukan diri sendiri. Di internet, kononnya gentlemen, gayanya seperti pandai bermain dengan kata² perempuan, walhal realiti sebenar, dia gagal dalam semua tu. Cara yang betul : Ikhlaskan dan jadi diri sendiri supaya perjalanan hubungan cinta tu akan lebih mudah bila bertemu nanti. hoho
Diorang mahukan pasangan yang matang dan cantik. Sedangkan diri sendiri pun tak sebegitu. Ukur baju di badan sendiri. Ingat kata² orang tua, kalau nak jodoh yang baik, diri sendiri pun kena baik. Cara yang betul : Perbetulkan sikap, penampilan dan cara pemakaian. Insyaallah nanti akan dapat jodoh yang sesuai dengan diri sendiri. hoho
Tak meletakkan gambar profile yang original. Ramai yang meletakkan gambar orang lain, yang lebih hot dan seksi, dengan harapan dapat menarik perhatian. Fail! Semuanya akan sia². Ingat, first impression is everything. Cara yang betul : Letakkan gambar yang diri sendiri yang sebenar dan original, pastikan posisi kat gambar tu jelas supaya mudah di lihat oleh si single yang mau di tackle. =D
Mencari jodoh sebenarnya adalah satu cabaran yang besar dan kalau kita laluinya dengan baik, ganjaran yang kita dapat pasti baik! hoho. Ohh, Valentine Day semakin hampir, ketibaan hari tersebut bakal membuak²kan lagi nafsu si lelaki atau si perempuan yang single untuk mencari cinta dan jodoh. hoho
p/s : Teringat istilah keramat masa zaman IRC dulu. ASL plz?
p/ss : Dah macam entri Perunding Agensi Mencari Jodoh. hoho

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Thursday, 6 May 2010

mengapa begitu

Mengapa lagi keseorangan,
Mengapa lagi kesunyian,
Mengapa lagi terpaku,
Mengapa lagi suram,

Mengapa terang terasa gelap,
Mengapa riuh terasa sunyi,
Mengapa bebas terasa terpenjara,
Mengapa nafas terasa kosong.

Mengapa nikmat menjadi sakit,
Mengapa gembira menjadi sedih,
Mengapa megah menjadi sesal,
Mengapa teguh menjadi takut,

Mengapa jadi begitu?

“Kau tanya aku?”
“Aku pun taktau.”

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Wednesday, 5 May 2010


I suppose updating my blog is due....oh which also reminds me I ought to get started on my VOH article. Right. No enthusiasm for that at all. Hum.

My final exams are over. And i do mean final FINAL exams. The last exams of my sea politics.

Umm, I was thinking it would be really awesome but to tell you the truth, it is painfully anti-climatic. I came home, finished the entire season of Avatar. And now i'm here. Wondering what was it I was so excited about.

I guess I thought I'd get a lot of things lined up. Shopping, holiday, dates and the like.
But its not really like that.

I'm spending a lot on my class trip already so I am tight on money.
Without money, there's not much to do but stay home.

I wanted to buy a short pant (because its convenient. Can wear it as undergarments and it dries quick) but so far the ones that I like cost nearly 200 bucks. So I guess I won't...

Its kind of lonely.

Unfamiliarity induces insecurity. Breeding silence and awkwardness. Creating impressions of coldness and arrogance. When really its not like that. I'm just not good with people I don't know so well.


I wonder if I'll be okay on the class trip.

I wonder if this holiday will turn out okay.

I got really pissed at the UUM security guards today. They seriously ruined my mood before i went for the exam. Stupid idiots. More like dumbass administration I suppose. Really stupid. But i'll tell you that on another day.

So yeah, not a really happy day for me.

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Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Mothers' Day

Mother's Day is a day honoring mothers, celebrated on various days in many places around the world. It complements Father's Day, the celebration honoring fathers.


Different countries celebrate Mother's Day on various days of the year because the day has a number of different origins.One school of thought claims this day emerged from a custom of mother worship in ancient Greece, which kept a festival to Cybele, a great mother of Greek gods. This festival was held around the Vernal Equinox around Asia Minor and eventually in Rome itself from the Ides of March (15 March) to 18 March.The ancient Romans also had another holiday, Matronalia, that was dedicated to Juno, though mothers were usually given gifts on this day.In some countries Mother's Day began not as a celebration for individual mothers but rather for Christians.

Mothering Sunday in Britain and Ireland

Mothering Sunday, also called "Mothers' Day" in the United Kingdom and Ireland falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent (exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday). It is believed to have originated from the 16th century Christian practice of visiting one's mother church annually, which meant that most mothers would be reunited with their children on this day. Most historians believe that young apprentices and young women in servitude were released by their masters that weekend in order to visit their families. As a result of secularization, it is now principally used to celebrate and give thanks for mothers, although it is still recognised in the historical sense by some churches, with attention paid to Mary the mother of Jesus as well as the traditional concept 'Mother Church'.Mothering Sunday can fall at earliest on March 1st (in years when Easter Day falls on March 22nd) and at latest on April 4th (when Easter Day falls on April 25th).

Father's Day

Fathers' Day is a secular celebration inaugurated in the early twentieth century to complement Mother's Day in celebrating fatherhood and parenting by males, and to honor and commemorate fathers and forefathers. Fathers' Day is celebrated on a variety of dates worldwide and typically involves gift-giving to fathers and family-oriented activities.International history and traditions.


In Germany there is no such thing as Father's Day as celebrated throughout the western world. There are two terms and/or events of an older origin that while similar in name, have entirely different meanings. Männertag, is always celebrated on Ascension Day (the Thursday forty days after Easter), which is a federal holiday. Regionally, it is also called men's day, Männertag, or gentlemen's day, Herrentag. It is tradition to do a males-only hiking tour with one or more smaller wagons, Bollerwagen, pulled by manpower. In the wagons are wine or beer (according to region) and traditional regional food, Hausmannskost, which could be Saumagen, Liverwurst, Blutwurst (Blood Sausage), vegetables, eggs, etc.Männertag and Herrentag are very much maligned and center around either becoming inebriated and/or passing the tradition of extreme alcohol consumption onto the younger men. Obviously, these holidays/concepts have nothing to do with the traditional concept of Father's Day where the role of Dad is celebrated.

Roman Catholic tradition

In the Roman Catholic tradition, Fathers' Day is celebrated on Saint Joseph's Day, March 19, though in most countries Fathers' Day is a secular celebration.


nk info lebih,check la:'s_day/history_of_mother's_day.shtml

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