Sunday, 1 January 2012

It’s New Year’s Eve. I’m at the beach.

Getting ready to usher in the New Year. The sound of the waves crashing, the feeling of the night sea breeze blowing, the moonlight was the light of that night. The setting, is beautiful.

      How I longed for you to be here too. Not much is ever worth enjoying in your absence. But nevertheless, I held myself strong. And with many others, we begin the countdown.
       ‘’Happy New Year’’, I hear from each soul at the beach. But it is your voice which I long to hear. Against the loud fireworks against my ear, I only want to hear your voice. I only want to hold your hand at this very moment. I want you to see, what I see right here, right now.

      I want us to hold hands. I want us to see the same fireworks. I want us to hear the same waves crashing on shore. I want us to feel the same breeze, feel the same moonlight, walk the same sandy beach, feel the same sand under the soles of our feet.

      I want you to feel the warmth of my hand in yours, to hear the words I’m longing to say, to feel the love that’s uncontainable from me, to you. I want you to know, how much I love you.

      But, you’re not here.

      I stare out to the wide and dark sea. Such vastness against the infinite dark sky. Only the moon as the beach’s only source of light. Such beauty, I’m unable to share it with you.
      Because, you’re not here.

      There is a flaw in every setting. This time, the flaw was your absence. If only you’re in this setting with me, only then, will I be assured this picture worthy to be called….

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