Thursday, 25 December 2008


Selamat pagi semua..
I came early this morning, I dunno what’s up with me? Still there were several birds spinning on my head, I turned on the computer and checked several paper on my desk, It has been raining hard this morning until now. All of my friends came late, I arrived at the office at 7.30 Am. I met my friend on train this morning his name’s Erry he is really cute, in my neighborhood he is the cutest of all, my best friend like him a lot he is a type of pious man that’s why my best friend admiring him a lot besides he has a good looking face, i had a very short conversation with him then I had to stop in Kluang railway station .

Oya..yesterday I create an account on Multiply, coz I read the Fira Basuki‘s account. she is a writer, even though I never read her book, I think I am gonna buy her book this weekend, I just want to compare her book and her blog.

Hmm..what else sometimes I have a fool wishful though, that I can read somebody mind, coz I’ve just read something that I never think before. I wish me capable on doing that, but I choose not. Let it flow by it self. My mind is getting to exploded with all the new things, maybe I should exploding myself like a suicide bomber and destroying myself (better not think of it)

Last night I slept 1 AM, and I couldn’t sleep well. I don’t know why? All I know, thinking is a way or releasing my stress and anger.

“I wanna be good,
I wanna deserve heaven, but what if I cant be good?
So better die soon,
So I don’t dirty my soul more
Yeah, Lord can you hear me,
Didn’t you say ask anything you want and I give you.
I want death, I hate this life, it’s useless,
It’s meaningless, I don’t want money,
I don’t want have my own job, family, home…
I just wanna be good.”

Can I help him?
To get him moving steady...alone, or whoever he wants me to be with.
In this warm cozy earth (not sleet, not blizzard, no tornado, or disaster) You created.
Can I hug him with my invisible huge 'hands' that Almighty.
I want to be one entity, me and my soul.
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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

friend along the way

Dear My black shoes

Thanks for accompanying me every day to the office
though is a very tired job to always using you
But I never tired to make you clean
dust, dirty water, cannot touch you I promise

Let see, how long we have been friend?
I think not long enaugh
but you had make me cute.. huhu
being a true man
makin me so hensem
(wah perasan sendiri nih)

and that sounds
I think I dont like it
can you stop it?
I think you cannot
But thats okay
I can forgive
for making those horrible voice
so I can count a thousand steps to anywhere I like

Can you follow me to the place that I have never been before
Meet my soulmate there
kiss him
hug him
but please be quiet
I dont want somebody to hear you
Please be quiet just for this time..

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Friday, 19 December 2008


Terribly dizzy with this work, huahhhh...I didnt enjoy my holiday yesterday. coz i got so much work. transaltion..translation...transalation and translation, when this nightmare will end!

I draw a picture when I was tired, and watched the tv.
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