Thursday, 28 January 2010

tuk boo boo saya

I Love Someone..…
I love someone,
He is far away from here,
But believe me if I said,
That he is beside me,
I didn't know what love is,
I don't know if he knows it either,
Just feeling it makes me a dreamer,
Yes I love someone,
He is very close to my heart,
Not close, actually he is my heart,
I don't know if I am right or wrong,
I don't want to know that,
Because knowing it may smash my dreams,
I want to dream,dreamm and dream all the time,
I am hearing a sweet sound,
Oh my God, is it the sound of love,
He is calling me,
Should I respond to that or not,
Or maybe I have already responded to it,
Again I will say that I love someone,
I love my self more than any thing else,
But when I knew him,
I just want him to be inside me,
To love him more than my self,
I didn't see his face,
Although he was in front of me,
Staring at me in a wonderful way,
What was the thing that stopped me from looking at him?
Was I feeling afraid and shy?
But I am afraid of what,
I wish if there is a person,
Who can explain what is happening to me,
Yes I still love him,

And let him feel this wonderful thing,
It will not change anything,
It is important for me,
That I have felt this wonderful thing,
Because I love him, I will sacrifice,
Or may be I am persuading my self by these thoughts,
Actually I am afraid of facing my love,
But when I will be strong to face him,
I want to live with my love,
I want my love to love me in his way,
But when this will happen, God please tell me?

was written by me..

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Monday, 18 January 2010

when everyone thought

when everyone thought
I didn't mind being called ugly
who knew
I did...

And when everyone thought
I'm okay
who knew
I'm not

who knows?
I'm not la...
just some sudden impulse to write out something
whats that word?
oh yea! Sentimental

Apparently yours truly here is feeling lousy these days
or rather
this few weeks

EVERYONE knows who I'm talking right?
but not everyone knew I was framed...
framed badly

sleep has become a problem
a bad problem
I tried sleeping early,
but yet, I feel like crap early in the morning
when i wake up....and there is this button that when pushed blows up KLCC...
I'll push it...
let's say when i sleep at 10pm,
and wake up at 6.30am
I felt like I've slept for only 5 minutes

homework has been piling up
I always pile my work....oh well

I think I better not talk about it
later i screw myself up again...

what was it that I wanted to say....
oh yea!
I'm getting mighty forgetful these days
is that I can forget the most IMPORTANT things!
what was that again?

I have got meself a bad reputation it seems
Not recently
but my behaviour since the last 3 years
Apparently the Actor
has also become the Conman in class
and apparently Fareez and Bolong have picked up this
skills of mine
Can't say I'm not....

Patriotic Month
I'm not so patriotic,
go figure......

Exams are near
actually 2 months away but still
very near
for a guy who only studies last minute

I still hate the way I looked
Face problem? Dunno
maybe I'm just used to hating the way I looked

I still don't know how
to open up to strangers
it's like I'm afraid that everytime I open my mouth
some will like go wave the L sign

this list is getting longer is it?

I'm starting to run out of things to list


oh well, stop la

final thing,

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