Thursday, 28 January 2010

tuk boo boo saya

I Love Someone..…
I love someone,
He is far away from here,
But believe me if I said,
That he is beside me,
I didn't know what love is,
I don't know if he knows it either,
Just feeling it makes me a dreamer,
Yes I love someone,
He is very close to my heart,
Not close, actually he is my heart,
I don't know if I am right or wrong,
I don't want to know that,
Because knowing it may smash my dreams,
I want to dream,dreamm and dream all the time,
I am hearing a sweet sound,
Oh my God, is it the sound of love,
He is calling me,
Should I respond to that or not,
Or maybe I have already responded to it,
Again I will say that I love someone,
I love my self more than any thing else,
But when I knew him,
I just want him to be inside me,
To love him more than my self,
I didn't see his face,
Although he was in front of me,
Staring at me in a wonderful way,
What was the thing that stopped me from looking at him?
Was I feeling afraid and shy?
But I am afraid of what,
I wish if there is a person,
Who can explain what is happening to me,
Yes I still love him,

And let him feel this wonderful thing,
It will not change anything,
It is important for me,
That I have felt this wonderful thing,
Because I love him, I will sacrifice,
Or may be I am persuading my self by these thoughts,
Actually I am afraid of facing my love,
But when I will be strong to face him,
I want to live with my love,
I want my love to love me in his way,
But when this will happen, God please tell me?

was written by me..

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