Monday, 1 February 2010

Can I have a MAC apple & a DSLR?

Apparently no? But who knows? Cos’ I got none of them for my birthday. lol

BUTT! (excuse the deliberate typo)

My beloved says he’s gonna get change me a laptop OR (please not emphasise this) a DSLR.

      But i am thinks that laptop is more sorely needed for me rather than a DSLR. I mean, I’m in college now, gotta start having my own assignment-producing machine instead of wasting PRECIOUS amount of time to WAIT for my siblings to let my people PC at home go.

      AND BESIDES, if my b were to get me a DSLR, he might end up getting one which I DON’T want? lol, believe me, I’m picky when it comes the quality of cameras used for taking pictures.

      AND, I don’t like using the same camera models as others. Example, the cheapest out there is most probably the Nikon D3000 which is owned by 8 of my friends.

Yes people, 8!

      But that’s NOT the case if you say you were to gimme a Nikon D3000 as a gift. Heck, I’d be over the moon. What I’m saying is, if I were to buy a camera for me own, I won’t get a Nikon D3000. Enuff said? Not really.

     So anyways, the total NECESSITY of a laptop outweighs ULTIMATELY the WANT to have a DSLR.

Oh yea, thanks for the wishes people! My Facebook profile never looked so crowded!

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