Sunday, 28 February 2010


If I have the invisible wings,
I can fly anytime I want to anywhere.
Unfortunately I don’t have it.
I have only my body and my soul to observe this wide world.

If I can walk towards you..
Gazing at your eyes…
I could take my time to wish upon a star..

Give me your hands so I can reach you..
I will make sure that everything will just fine.

If you smsed me, and tell that you missing me
What can God does?
Watching our body lay down hopeless.. and weak..
You said I have to wait..
How many hours I have to count
I am afraid of falling in love to someone else..

Keep my heart ..
Keep this peaces stick with you..

It is like a dream, I wait until I wake up, but why this dream doesn’t have the end. Can somebody wake me up? Dream sometimes can be so beautiful, that we don’t wanna wake up. But this time I just wanna live in my real life.

How long I have to wait for him, days, months, year, or even ages? Don’t let me count the tears I dropped, I just need you here.

Yesterday I dropped the tears. I always beg to God, that HE can send him to my place. I know I don’t dwell in the paradise, I know I cannot promise him happiness all the time, but he is part of my corpuscle. I need him..

Can he realize that? I don’t wanna die slowly, I still wanna take my time wishing upon a star, I still wanna cherish my life with my friend.

Can somebody near here loving me?
You said that love is unconditional? But where is the fact? I wait..wait..wait…! I count the time, my friend is only time and my hand phone.

If someone next to me, come to me and he says “I do love you” I would accept him, no matter what happened, I will close my eyes, my mind and my ears. I don’t wanna listen to him anymore. I don’t give a damn to what people will say.

For sure I do love you..

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