Wednesday, 24 December 2008

friend along the way

Dear My black shoes

Thanks for accompanying me every day to the office
though is a very tired job to always using you
But I never tired to make you clean
dust, dirty water, cannot touch you I promise

Let see, how long we have been friend?
I think not long enaugh
but you had make me cute.. huhu
being a true man
makin me so hensem
(wah perasan sendiri nih)

and that sounds
I think I dont like it
can you stop it?
I think you cannot
But thats okay
I can forgive
for making those horrible voice
so I can count a thousand steps to anywhere I like

Can you follow me to the place that I have never been before
Meet my soulmate there
kiss him
hug him
but please be quiet
I dont want somebody to hear you
Please be quiet just for this time..

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