Monday, 12 December 2011

heaven can wait

I just read that novel when I went to the class this morning, not finished yet, I've just read in the beginning of it.

Last night I was cleaning up my room, and then I saw some of the books in the corner of my room. When I compile of those book, suddenly I saw a book which I never seen it before, It's very an old book, with the english language on it, That book is a novel with a title "Great American Short Stories". I wonder, whom is this book belong to? well This is my territorial, so I claim that this book is mine.

I opened the first page, I was terrify to open this book coz its alreay old enough. I was afraid that I could torn it up. but I only saw the fisrt page and I didnt read it, coz I really sleepy to read any words.

This mornin, when I got up, I saw that book next to me, then I put it on my bag.

Along way to the class, I read several pages, and there were many greats stories on it.

I yell at my self at least I have something to read for this weekend.

cetusan otak beku

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