Sunday, 28 March 2010

A lot of things have been happening lately.

It's disheartening that, I think this past week has been one where I've felt so alive, like I haven't felt for ages, yet I've also been Dead, somehow. This current state I'm in is such a departure from the content person I was in just the previous post; it's disturbing how things change in a heartbeat.

I met quite a few interesting characters, made friends with them, confided in them. Felt happy that I've allowed people to share this bubble I'm in for a change. But I've also lost the trust of some too; I can tell that certain individuals who used to be really special to me, who used to find me special as well, are no longer the people I once knew.
Or maybe I'm no more the person they once adored.

One such person told me I changed. Yet I was always of the opinion that he was the one who changed. Funny, much.The relief I always seek from writing has been eluding me. It still is. It's not so much as I've lost all spirit for it, but maybe that very spirit needs to go into solitary and do a bit of healing for the time being.

..I need a break..

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1 comment:

  1. Some people
    Care about you, some people
    Don’t care,
    Make fun of you and walk away,
    Some people,
    Run past, some people
    Hand you presents,
    Give you a pat on the back,
    Some people
    You love, some people
    You don’t know
    improve urself and make some people proud


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