Thursday, 17 February 2011

when failure meets me

If you are in front of me at this moment, I swear to God, I'll punch you in your face till my hand bleeds.

Do not do this to me for something that wont ever last, when you have me to share this whole world with. I am the bitch you come to when you want to cry, when you are frustrated with your own life, when you feel no one is going to care about you.

It is not that I am jealous of what you have in your life now, it is just the tiny little part of you, that you'd left for me is not enough. And telling people how I worship you is eating me inside.

Do not ever claim that I am important to you, when I am not. I am not a stupid bastard who is empty inside. All I care about is you, for fucks' sake. Any kind of one-way relationship never succeed, you yourself are aware of that. And I had enough.

And yes, life is full of hatred, I have honored your request for silence. And I am here, hoping for you to read this, as I want you to know how hard it is to see you're not there, when you are actually there.

Go fuck yourself.

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