Saturday, 17 March 2012

Berlagak nak mampus.

"I baru beli kasut ni, dalam 4, 5 ribu jugak la harga dia, parents I macam tak bagi, sebab nak pakai dekat kaki kan? Tapi I nak jugak, I tak kira. I tak kisah pun harga dia mahal, sebab I dah suka sangat kan, I beli je la."

Macam celaka kan?

Being wealthy is not a crime, I know that. But bragging about stuff you have, brands you know, class you're living in is totally a major turn-off.

No one deserves to brag. That is totally lame, especially the ones who think they are rich, but actually they're not, their parents are. It is sick, you know. No one wants to hear us babbling about stuff we have.

I don't see what is the point of wanting people to know that we're wearing expensive things? Why? I get it, we want people to look at us, we want people to envy us, so okay, leave the things to do it by themselves. Show them to the world, it's between us and our God, He will judge our intentions, not other people, but please, keep our freaking mouth shut.

It is not gonna bring us anywhere, I tell you. There's nothing wrong wearing Louis Vuitton and not telling people about you wearing Louis Vuitton.

Yes, pronouns 'we' and 'us' are used because I'm saying this to myself too. And no, I'm not writing this because I'm jealous of someone who wears Louis Vuitton and bragging about wearing Louis Vuitton.

I just hate it when people bring brand names in every conversation I am in, or I am witnessing.
Can't afford to wear such expensive clothes and drink expensive coffee in another hundred years, but no, I'm not jealous of people who can.

It's just, come on, you're not gonna get to bring all in your grave, aye?
I know I'm gonna get in my grave with few pieces of fabric only.

And please, don't get me started with people who wear fake shits and claimed they are original. Social desperation is gonna kill you in the end.

cetusan otak beku

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