Friday, 5 November 2010

Andrew Garfield and the Social Network

everytime i heard this cute guy's name,i picture tout de suite the garfield!lol

so anyway,i watched the Social Network last nite (u know,the movie based loosely on the creation of Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg).i really enjoyed the movie,it was really intense but yet,there were few funny moments that I appreciated. I was kinda sad at the end though because u can see how business n money could break a friendship.i wonder if i were to venture into this kind of things,would i go as far as estranging my best friend?in the case of this movie,was it that hard to reconcile to your own best friend or did money matter more?


well,i dont wanna end this post with a deprived note!so lets talk about this guy, Andrew Garfield. aku rasa by now,korang semua dah tahu yang he is the next Spiderman. funny though,i wasnt sure when the news came out.aku tengok di nie biase aje,xde la cute pon.but after watching the Social Network,i gladly take back that thought!he is sooo damn adorable in the movie.i thought he was the best actor there.comel sgt!loving his smile!


ok now that ive proven my point that he's a cutie, heheh =)

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