Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Get Tangle up with me!

Errrr, I mean Rapunzel *silly grin*

I know I'm late but I only get to watch Tangled or better known as Rapunzel yesterday, like FINALLY! It was fantastic, more to a musical kind of animated movie which made it my second favourite movie of the year after Despicable Me :D

And I got this song stuck in my head, I see the light by Mandy Moore~

It is really as good as how people talked about it and I would love to watch it over and over again. Guess what? Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi were the voice behind the main characters. This movie did get me teary eyes in certain parts :P and I must tell you this, Pascal and Maximus (which reminds me of gluteus maximus if you know what that is #inside joke) are mad hilarious! Can I have them as my pets, pretty please?!
So adorable right? They managed to get across so much emotion and humor without ever saying a word, they are really, really funny and well-animated. Not to forget the soundtracks too which are so fairy tale-ish, I like  Overall, I'll rate this movie 9 out of 10 for spot-on humor, interesting plot and the magnificent animations especially Rapunzel's long blond hair and the floating lanterns *swoon* I would strongly recommend this movie to those who's a fan of Disney's cartoon. Go watch go watch! :D

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