Saturday, 4 December 2010

Now hold our cast away. the king and queen of Narnia

I watch this awesome movie inspired by the brilliant C.S Lewis's novel of the same name yesterday.

The fanfare for the movie is rightly deserved, as the Voyage of the Dawn Treader is indeed one of the more exciting books in the Chronicles of Narnia. I mean, maybe it's because I'm a guy, but sailing the high seas, meeting ruffians, monsters, mermaids, freaking dragons...that's nearly everything a kid like me has ever dreamed of. Never mind I'm 20 this year. The movie contains enough action, adventure and great effects to really capture the beauty of Narnia.

What really bugged me in the movie was the way we are thrown right into the movie barely 10 minutes into the film. We meet Lucy and Edmund, High King and Queen of Narnia living with their terrible and annoying cousin, Eustace in Cambridge. Eustace is the annoying, silly and loud but that's all that's we know about him before the 3 children are absorbed into Narnia. Then the plot quickly runs it's course, introducing the crew of the Dawn Treader led by King Caspian.

To be honest, the characters of Narnia can be properly explored to give the movie a wider edge, because the citizens of Narnia are anything but ordinary. I mean, talking mice! For example, the crew of the Dawn Treader. All seafaring men with a friendly and lively approach to live. They could have been explored more thoroughly. Like the Minotaur and the Captain, both may have interesting back stories but are largely playing fringe actors. And the 7 lords which are supposed to be found, none of them are given much screen time either (one wasn't even given any screen time because he was a freaking gold statue and another was just a pile of bones.) One more character is the Daughter of the Star, who appears to be the movie's way of showing eye candy.

But characterization aside, the movie has enough thrills, spills and action to keep the audience riveted to their seats. The children in the movie acted superbly. As much as you can act with dragons, talking and fighting mice and Minotaurs. One thing though, I did see people in work clothes dozing off halfway though. And I get it. Adults don't really get the whole gist of Narnia. To really enjoy the movie, you have to let yourself go back to being a kid again. And as you all know, I am a kid.

I'm giving this movie 4.5/5 for a brilliant final battle, brilliant CGI and a lot of action scenes. If you don't really mind about the lack of character development or the fact that it is a children movie, then this movie is a must watch. The 3D is really optional, but if you really want to get the full glory and beauty of Narnia, just watch it in 3D.

I would recommend to people that have never watched the movie they should watched too and narnia franchies you have watched it is abotsuley for you and it is must watch should not miss this experience.

Cheerios. =D

I know I know my review is a bit suck but I am trying my best!

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