Friday, 30 April 2010


Life is getting something and losing another. You can't have every piece of the pie. Time is a one use thing. If you're using it for one thing, it's obvious you can't be in another place using it for another. It's about deciding what's really important. And for accuracy and in case you don't regret, think about the importance in the short-term. Because that's whats really gonna affect you directly for the next few years. For me, i'm going to work hard for my life who's coming in around 3 years instead of 4(SHIT and YES) figure the two out yourself and so short term demands i have outstanding performance in life. So i'm going to design my own life and live it the way i've designed it for the next 3 years. Set.

Enough about me. For MOHD AMIN HAFIZ. Hello man wake up.  Don't see your life as boring, aimless, or doing nothing, shit like that. Your life is what you see it to be. I have two pictures for you bro. Take a good look and think deep.

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  1. thnks coz ur give some moral support to me.......


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