Thursday, 5 August 2010


Whats the point of arguing things without thinking of any solutions. Whats the point fighting over something that we know we could not get it. Whats the point hating and blaming each other just because of a simple mistake that could be covered by certain means that we do not put our thinking cap together and think.

I know sometimes a person makes a mistake especially when it involves you, we have the right to be angry at him or her. I also understand sometimes blaming a person because of his or her carelessness is necessary so that the person can learn his or her lesson. But dragging the problem, arguing and be angry until no full stop would just result more complicated problems. Sometimes the person which make the mistake also has his or her owndefendant reason. So both of us go on and on with the arguing until no resolution is made and no solution is found.

So, personally I think in this case, tolerance and rational thinking should take place. We should stop argue a matter that could not be solved by debating,squirrelling or other types of the same category.

Let us just look ahead and start thinking for back-up plan or a solution!
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