Sunday, 16 May 2010

100th post

Yeap, I've reach my 100th post. Kinda think of it, its been quite a long journey since I ventured into the world of blogging. Kinda think of it, I kinda sucked at blogging, constantly running out of ideas, NO COMMENTS at all sometimes. Oh well, I pretty much sucked a lot anyways.

And to think of it, I've been kinda lonely. Really....

Kinda think of it I have only ONE person to sms. Though thats enough but its ok. Kinda wished there is more people out there who will actually remember I'd existed. 

Kinda think of it. No one actually approaches me while I'm online. No one pops up and says "hi, how're you?" Everytime when I go online, my msn window will like just sit there. Yes, though there are occasionally someone who says "where's owed me" or the msn virus quotes like "hey, this person looks a lot like you!"

The thing is, my msn is not like other people I know. Everytime my brother goes online, there will be like a dozen "godsisters" who will like "hie~" or "hihi".  My cousin brother's too.  Even my sister who has like only 13 people on her msn contacts. They will like "HI"

But thats all different when I go online. When I sign in, after that.....its quiet. Heck, theres like 32 people I know online now not including those whom I do not really know, and yet, I hear nothing but the sound that msn makes when someone signs in, and the sound of me typing.

I'm invisible perhaps.

Even in the blogging world. People say bloggers are very friendly. Well why am I left alone, ignored in the Innit Chatbox? I mean, I go in there and says "hi everyone!" and no one "hi" back. Its like, I wasnt even there..... When I asked: "what are you all talking about" no one bothers to answer..... No one.

Its kinda frustrating actually.

no one will like: "HEY!" Though sometimes there is. But......nevermind, I'm just ranting.....

Tried to talk to God a.k.a Pray.

Total silence....

Whatever.... at least someone is sms-ing me, thats a good sign... just ranting

ignore me

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