Thursday, 20 May 2010


Holidays are being a BORE. I have been saving money so I haven't gone out much (more like at all. lol.)

Last night, i drank kiwi blend which was nice and warming... The side effect to that though, was that i couldn't sleep. Lay in bed with my eyes wide open in the dark, everything was quiet and i suddenly had this terrifying moment where I felt like I was the last existence on earth. Yeah, serious. The silence was too overwhelming. So, i picked up my phone and besically wished a whole bunch of people good night. =D

And it worked! The whole scary, alone-lone-lonely feeling whisked its fat butt away as my phone chimed with every reply. Lotsa people thought i'd gone nuts (quite true la) but i had fun chatting with some of them till I eventually fell asleep. It was a nice feeling. I think i cheered some people up too perhaps. I should do random things lidat more often. Hee.
Good nights for a whole lotta people.
But my good morning was late. *glare*

Last week, i was thinking:

It can be scary sometimes, how a relationship dips and dives and then comes back up again. I mean, its terrifying that in one moment, we could be feeling so comfortable around each other and the next instant, we can't stand to be around the other and the tension is so massive i feel like i'm being sucked into a whole new dimension (
very 'anime-style' figurative speech) :p
I think, finding someone whom you love and actually loves you back is amazing.

Finding someone whom you love and 

loves you back while, suiting your personality, accepting your beliefs, values and ideals is even more incredible.

But in any relationship, i think it hardly ever happens that both parties contribute equal effort towards each other. One will be waiting for the other, sometimes the other has to be more patient. Sometimes a little more giving. Stuff like this does give way to some amount of bitterness and unhappiness...but i still think that when you find your efforts and commitment reciprocated, the moment can be magical. :)

Anyways, I have SOME plans. this coming  Friday i will be having Thai Seafood for dinner! Woots! sis Nongs , my mum frens : I hope we get barbecued crabs. Yeah. Definitely gotta have that. Its LD dinner but im just tagging along. Ahakss.

It must be fun fun fun! I DON'T CARE.

Yeah, I got work today. Ish. Byes.

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