Wednesday, 5 May 2010


I suppose updating my blog is due....oh which also reminds me I ought to get started on my VOH article. Right. No enthusiasm for that at all. Hum.

My final exams are over. And i do mean final FINAL exams. The last exams of my sea politics.

Umm, I was thinking it would be really awesome but to tell you the truth, it is painfully anti-climatic. I came home, finished the entire season of Avatar. And now i'm here. Wondering what was it I was so excited about.

I guess I thought I'd get a lot of things lined up. Shopping, holiday, dates and the like.
But its not really like that.

I'm spending a lot on my class trip already so I am tight on money.
Without money, there's not much to do but stay home.

I wanted to buy a short pant (because its convenient. Can wear it as undergarments and it dries quick) but so far the ones that I like cost nearly 200 bucks. So I guess I won't...

Its kind of lonely.

Unfamiliarity induces insecurity. Breeding silence and awkwardness. Creating impressions of coldness and arrogance. When really its not like that. I'm just not good with people I don't know so well.


I wonder if I'll be okay on the class trip.

I wonder if this holiday will turn out okay.

I got really pissed at the UUM security guards today. They seriously ruined my mood before i went for the exam. Stupid idiots. More like dumbass administration I suppose. Really stupid. But i'll tell you that on another day.

So yeah, not a really happy day for me.

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