Sunday, 13 March 2011

today is my boring day of all.

its Sunday, got no company, no text, no nothing. so bored. 

wanna go out, but apparently the person who was supposed to accompany my sister n i a.k.a the driver turn down the “invitation”. 

i on the other hand felt like that person is avoiding me. huh. hmmm i mean y? everyone is avoiding me now? LOL. for no reason i felt damn lonely. its weekend. and im doing nothing. and that is damn boring. hell yeah. Internet doesnt help. Music doesnt help much too. i dunno. feel so blank.
blame my ego for not contacting ‘that human’. all day long not texting me. mad at me? we had minor quarrel (sort of) yesterday. hmm. at one point it was good though. cos we were supposed to stop texting each other. yeah, and dat was due to some complicated matters. 

even how modernised people can be nowadays, still, a plutonic relationship is hard to be accepted. i guess. so, no no friend to those in a relationship. *sigh. drop the subject. hate it. just wanna do want i want. hate me, hell i care. and when there are morons who dare ask me to stop. i feel so damn suffocated. ok. i stop. stop n find new one. hah. im bad. im evil right.? 

again. i just dont get it. im not engaged. let alone married. not yet. so why would it be a sin if im trying to be friends with others. im not a gamer, im not a player. it sucks the most when people dont have their trust in u. and i personally super duper hate dat. i hate it when people dont believed in me. when u know u didnt do anything wrong and nothing against the religion. i dont tell lies. so why yell at me as if im a liar? bullshit. 

p/s : sorry.just letting myself out. 
so pissed off. 
dont know wat else to write. 
blank. zero. great. 
i need to stop. free mumbling is dangerous. 
dont do this often, kay? off.
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