Thursday, 24 June 2010

Do you believe in ghost?

Well I do believe in that creture. Coz in Al-Qur'an we can read about the ghost, as the Al-Qur'an is our guidence in our life. Why I talk about this creature, sometime all the media talk about the creepy thing considered with the ghost, though I never see them (I hope I will never meet or see them).

2 days ago, when I was awake at 2 am, I heard two or three cats mouned and fought outside my house, near my window, that was so annoying, for several minutes they did that. ugghhh..I was gonna pour out the water toward it, but because it was night, so I was afraid did that to them.

Then, I heard my sell phone rang, it was my boy friend, we talked a lil bit because the cats were so noisy. Then I heard someone near my garden whispered just like this

Then the cat just went away after that "creature" whispered. I could hear that sound so clearly, I didn't know wheter he or she.

But that didnt matter to me, aku pikir " ahhh...itu angin kot"

This incident happened again last night, it was almost the same, at 2 am, zaim called me, and then I heard that the cats mouned and fought, I felt so curious. I ask myself

" Can I hear that sound again?"
But, I couldn't hear it again last night, instead I heard someone just like shaked the tree outside my house near my window. OMG.......I heard the sprinkle of the water from the tree (because last night was raining hardly, but this insident happen after the rain). Then the cats just went away after the incident.
I think that the ghost will not endanger me, and he or she is a nice ghost. He or she protect me, he or she had chase the cat.

Can I sleep well again tonight?

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