Tuesday, 29 June 2010


I'm alone in my bed and I've made the blanket into your shape again. I kiss it like i kiss you, and i wrap my right thigh around "your" left, like i always do, and i lock it so "you"'re close up against me. But you're cold and as i hold you, your shape goes away. And once again I'm looking at my blanket, lying in my arms. Even for that second when i imagined you there, when i knew it wasn't real, i was truly happy. 

How about you babe? Are you in your bed in Kuching, in the boarding school, missing me? Have you thought of me at all? Do you see people who look like me and stop and stare, wondering, even for an absurd moment, that i was in Johor? And do you try and feel me beside you in your bed, there beside you where i used to lay? 

If you read this, let me tell you I'm dying without you. I need you back. I need you to hold me and tell me you're not leaving anymore, that you'll be with me forever from now on. I need the impossible.
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