Friday, 18 June 2010


There was something different in your eyes, I could see that. I lost you two years ago, now that I could see you, but I couldn't reach you.

Sometimes, I ask myself, why I have to face this life, I know God always answer to all our prayers, but sometimes God says NO to our prayer.

Why I cannot reach you, why you wont tell me?
Do I make a mistake, by having this feeling?

I knew you, since we were a kid, I never paid attention to you, coz you are so ordinary, till now, you are a very quiet person, I remembered I saw you, when you still using your elementary uniform after school.

I just knew yer present and felt that you are exist two years ago, You held my hand when we were going to accross the street, Nothing special on it but why I felt the chemistry, I felt 
 in that crowded street, I felt nothing only your hand, which felt so gentle, touching the nerve and anoyed my blood. I felt nothing on my brain, it felt my body so light that I could fly to the sky and touch the clown.

Why, I have to felt this chemistry, I felt the electricity on my heart, why I had that heart bit, all as I got there they asked me if I can cover 3 more shifts this week, 2 of which I almost definitely can. Now, I know I shouldn't get my hopes up, but I noticed they're hiring right now. I'm not satisfied with my Whatcom job right now, mainly due to my hours. If I could work at both part-time, that'd be awesome.

Oh yeah, it's weird... I thought that, since Abbotsford has so many mennonites, the surrounding cities
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