Sunday, 27 June 2010

Now i`m happy!!

I'm feeling much better now after some quality beer. I wanna say here, that i really think that I am doing real good right now, with friends, pool and my family. Life's never been better. Stress from university is as per usual, never expected it to diminish, I've just learned how to deal with it. I want to say thanks to everybody who made the extra effort to be there for me. And wantieha, i guess we both agree that time alone helps alot. syahir ez,aiman,jannah,amin also

I've changed alot from how i used to be, and i feel good this way, without so many worries and commitments. Perhaps it was only after I've gone through all those hectic times that I've finally comprehended how to appreciate a simple life. 

syahir  asked me, "So do you still think of him?"

I did not hesitate to tell her the truth, because I still do, every single day. The only difference is I no longer look back at it in pain, because a memory this beautiful shouldn't be a tool for inflicting hurt on a person. I've slowly learned how to look at the best times we had and every single moment we shared, and smile. I often tell myself that i would rather have lost you than to have never met you at all, because our love was worth every step i took until i met you. 

p/s: That means that as long as your face still lights up with my favorite smile, even if it isn't because of me anymore, 

I'm happy.

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