Tuesday, 13 July 2010

i am emo after all

I'm emo

The thing is there is just so much emotion pent up in me
So much

you name it.

The thing is,
I do not know how to express them anymore.
I can't cry anymore
I do not now how
It's like the clown make up is permeanant.

I just can't look sad.

Maybe its just that I do not want people to feel my pain.
My pain is for me
And me only

I do not want people to feel my pain
I hated seeing people cry
Might as well not cry myself.

I want them to be happy.

In order for that to happen,
I need not let them know the pain inside.

I just have to hide it
and wait for it to slowly fade away.
Thats all.

Its kinda emo actually
In fact, I think of just putting a smile on my face.
A permeanant one
like joker's..


They say it feels better to just let it all out.

But I feel
Seeing people not being hurt is good enough
seeing people happy
is good enough.
I can't cry anymore.

i'm always smiling

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