Tuesday, 20 July 2010

love relief

In my opinion for number :
1. Bunyinya menarik,but i dont know how it is, (just love someone u love le,its not true love ke?)
2. Ahaks, ini yg buat makan tak lena,mandi x kering tido tak lalu ni..ish ish
3. Why bullet? sbbnya ia pantas rite,baru knl sminggu pun da nk jatuh hati ngeh2
4. Wawawa..panahan asmara mu tiada kesan,aku egois!
5. Alehai comel ;P ..blaja dulu rajin2 dik hek2
6. Bangang,mmg la love akan camtu,korang da expect ke korang akn bercinta dgn si dia?sampah
7. Memilih sgt sape suh
8. Eternal?abadi/kekal?y the symbol like that?mcm pasrah je..
9. Ahaha..gile2..

And so i am HAPPY today. Why? Because :
She said, "I never was angry or held anything against you when you were angry at me everyday, because i believed you would love and cuddle me and treat me like your most prized possession yet again. I do, and i always will."

L-O-V-E. LOVE YOU BABE. Love isn't all about feeling right and having fun times, its about giving and sacrificing for the relationship, because you know she will always be there with you to tide you through every moment of your life until she can't anymore. Love, I'll tell you what love is - love is you at 80 and her at 78, and both of you listening out for the other's movements, afraid that a sudden silence, a sudden cry, could mean that a lifetime's talk is over.

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