Saturday, 24 July 2010

World Peace

Here is the thing. I woke up from bed with every details of my dream still securely placed in my brain. Until now, I feel so sad. In my heart I feel so humble and stupid and useless. Wanna know why? Coz I just had a dream about war. And I was one of the victim. It was the most scaring experience ever.

No matter where I go, the bad guys would try to catch me. They would even find me in the mouse hole. I never felt any endangered than this. I never felt safe. Ok, let me brace myself before I start telling the real story.

I lived among the villagers in a country. All of us were Muslims. The village is located in a valley. Everything seemed so nice and calm. Our life was blessed with children and peace. Unfortunately, our country is overpopulated with people. The bad government quietly planned to killed all of us so the country become less populated.

One day, the government closed the parameter of our village which was actually a boundary between us and the country. They then flooded the village with water. So later on, the village was flooded with water. Of course when it was flooded people would find a way out, now this is the bad part: This is the moment when the villagers appear, they will killed them by slayed them and slashed them with their long sword. It was the most terrifying thing to see.

Everyone was brutally killed when they reached the land. So the only way for us to stay alive is by stay in the water but eventually people will die because there is no food to eat or things to keep ourselves afloat.

My dad, told me to leave him behind and find help. He told me to escape alone because he was too old and didn't have energy to go on. I cried. I knew that I had to leave my dad. So I braced myself and quietly escaped from the brutal soldiers. But the leader (The nastiest one), spotted me and ordered them to get me. So, I ran as fast as I could. I knew there was no way out. I will get caught because the soldier is just too many, so I slipped into a house of a priest. I told him while asking for mercy not to tell the soldiers that I was there. Then I ran to the bathroom and hid behind the door.

"Allah please save me," I prayed to Him. Then the door was slowly opened, It was the priest. He had a peak around and said loudly, "Nope, no one is here" to informed the soldiers that I didn't hide in his house. A moment later, another guy came in, it was not the soldier but he said the same thing. Followed by the other guy and a women. Then, when the soldiers had gone I could see an eye peaking on me emerging from the same door that I hid behind. Then the priest said to me, "Young man, tell me what happen."

So I told him everything. And I cried. I cried. I cried.

Guys, I could not imagine if the same exactly real thing happened to me. Living in a place that has war going on is never good and just never!! Imagine children all over the world that face what I face in my dream everyday. It also made me realize how important peace is and just how cruel human can be. Look at Gaza, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Ethiopia, etc. They never had opportunity like us to live in a peaceful country called Malaysia.

Deep inside my heart I hope, no matter what races we are in Malaysia, let us keep our tolerance at the maximum level in tolerable issues. Let us just lived together with harmony and respect each other as well. Peacefulness is the gift from Allah and may Allah keep it going on in our country Malaysia. Amin..


(P/S: many parts of my dream I didn't tell because it would be too long and I also had the same type of dream before)
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