Monday, 12 July 2010

On the brink

I used to say, your smile brings me back from the brink of destruction. I guess I can't say that now. Cause every time i look at you i remember once again how i used to have you, how you used to belong to me. only me. Do you know I'm afraid? I'm afraid of looking at your photos because they cut deep inside me and i feel like dying but i know i can't. I can only hold on, to this once so meaningful life i enjoyed with you by my side. A big thank you to Fareez(turn up more!!!), Aiman(nothing beats anytime company) and Teh, who have been there for me whenever i needed some company and was feeling really down. 

Do you know I'm really curious to find out the reason why you left? But I'm tired, like you are. I don't want to decapitate myself when i was just beginning to stand up. I miss you babe, more than anything else in the world. I won't forget you. I won't throw away anything you gave me. Especially the necklace, it'll be on my neck. It's for me, to remember you once held me like i was yours. Even just for a moment, i want to imagine you there, behind me, holding me as tight as your arms would permit. Even just for a moment, i want to relive that memory. I love you. Thank you. Thank you for all the memories i can now treasure, as something that i would forever remember, deep inside my heart.

I really miss you.
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