Friday, 23 July 2010

Got Stuck in a complicated situation!!


Superb because the internet right now is pretty fast. now I am in the Ariba surfing the terribly slow internet. But fortunately I can access my Blog and write a new entry today! yay for me!OK, I wont have a relaxing weekend this weekend. Coz I have so many things to do. Need to settle the homework, the presentations and some other co-curricular activities. Tomorrow, which is Saturday, I have dance activity in the morning until afternoon.

Now classes have started and homework starts piling up. Presentations are mountains lot. and this is totally not SPM-based learning. Teachers want us to do researches by ourselves. No more spoon feeding. But I have to face the music. I wanna fly!Still it is to early for me to say that I am busy. There are more hectic conditions waiting for me in this semester 3. Special thanks to all my group members for making my day and changing my view about life!

I just got back from Friday Prayers. Today the Khatib (Preacher) brought forward a very hot and the most current issue - Palestine. I listened to every single word of it and yeah, I totally agree with the khatib. He mentioned how important Palestine to Muslims all over the world. I can recall few things:

1. Its the muslim's 1st Qiblah.
2. It was where Isra' and Mikraj took place.
3. It locates the 3rd most sacred Mosque in Islam - The Masjidil Aqsa.
4. Solehuddin Al-Ayubi freed Palestine and he resembles the unity spirit of the Muslims regardless of races and countries because he was not an Arab but strive to free Palestine in the name of Islam.

Well, actually there are many more. Not only Palestine is considered sacred to Islam, It is also considered sacred to Jewish and Christianity. The Jews claim that Palestine is the holy land where Haikal Sulaiman is located. They also believe the land belongs to them as stated in many previous consensus and agreements. While Christianity believes that Palestine is where the land of Jesus Christ was born. So Palestine is a very famous land that many people are trying to empower. As a muslim, I believe the righteousness goes to Islam. My justification? Simple, Islam has ruled the world back in it's glorious era and each and everyone of them regardless of tribes, religions and colours benefited from the Islamic governance. There are also many concrete proofs that Islam has the most right on the holy land.

While I was listening to the preach, something distracted my attention. It was a very familiar sound that I usually hear whoen I was in a room with my brothers in the middle of the night. Yes! the sound of snores! The worst thing that could happen is when you were sitting right beside him!

The sound of his snore got louder. I felt pity for him coz everyone was looking at him and he didn't realize that. On the same time I didn't know what to do. Do I have to wake him up or do I just have to focus on the preach instead and ignore him. The thing is, I cant simply wake him up because he is way older than I am, and that would be considered as rude! On top of that, maybe I'll make it more obvious and later on he will be more embarrass if he find out that he slept and more significantly snore!

So, My question is, which one will you prefer to do? wake him up and get scolded or ignore him?


Well I need to study now. Wanna be like Jane! haha. later guys!

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